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UPF - UK Annual Peace Council
Saturday 07 December 2019, 01:30pm - 06:00pm
Contact Robin Marsh 07956210768


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Dear UPF Friends, Ambassadors for Peace and Supporters,


We hope all is well with you and your family and your work. It is again that time of the year when Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Regional Representatives and Ambassadors for Peace from various parts of the UK come together at the Annual UPF Peace Council on Saturday the 7th of December. We are grateful for your amazing support during this year.


The annual coming together of the branches and the areas of UPF activity across the UK. We will begin by sharing with you the highlights of the 2019 events and development of certain projects we are planning for the future. We will also bring UPF International news as well featuring the many developments during 2019.


We are partnering with other organisations to promote Family and Marriage. There have been several successful Family Festivals during the year that have included the re-dedication of marriage as well as highlighting many good habits that happy and successful families practice.


Another important aspect of UPF is its youth activities. Each year UPF Young Achievers award is presented to outstanding young adults in the Houses of Parliament. We have two main youth activities partners:


UPF branches across the UK will share their innovative projects. 


If you have any inspiring examples of activities that you have been doing that might be good for future cooperative endeavours please do let us know! We can consider them for our 2020 schedule.


We will present Ambassador for Peace awards during the afternoon. This will be followed by food and festivities from around 5 pm.


The UPF Peace Council has an Early Bird Entrance Fee of £11 with a £5 discount for those renewing or becoming a subscriber to UPF for 2019. Annual Membership of UPF is only £30. The online link to become a subscriber to UPF is on the www.uk.upf.org homepage - scroll down to see the place on the left hand column.


Kindly register through this link.  We look forward to see you on the day. 




Yours sincerely,




Robin Marsh, UPF-UK Secretary General - Mobile: 07956210768


Margaret Ali, UPF-UK Director - Mobile: 07723024750



Office: 02072620985

Web: www. uk.upf.org

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Twitter: @ukUPF


UPF is an NGO in General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

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