On the 26-28 July, 27 Ambassadors for Peace including staff, travelled from Birmingham, Swindon and London to attend the weekend retreat in Cleeve House, a beautiful manor house surrounded by the Wiltshire country side. For UPF UK Ambassadors for Peace the quarterly retreat is a perfect place and time to share and discuss principles of peace that could change the world transcending religion, race or nationality. 

Where discussions on the topics of peace are encouraged, another purpose which is equally important is to form friendships with Ambassadors for Peace which allows them to feel more at ease in comparison to a formal event. This comes about with an introduction evening, informal meetings and regular outings. Almost on every occasion, people have had deep insights into understanding the principles of peace and every one forms friendships based on the like-minded principles toward peace. 

This weekend was no exception, Ambassadors for Peace formed friendship with their fellows and we all made a close bond. They all appreciated the hospitality and participated in washing up and setting up the tables. The atmosphere was very much like a family comprising all colours, religions and backgrounds. 

One highlight was the personal story of Carlo and Barbara Zaccarelli. Carlo shared how a romantic but shy, Italian young man was introduced to an english young rose. This had us all in deep laughter as well as moved to tears.