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Two Extremes is a fascinating talk of life transformation by Stephen Gillen, a reformed high security category A prisoner and Kul Mahay, who was one of the UK's most senior ranking Asian Police officers.

Stephen Gillen, a reformed high security category A prisoner, involved in organised crime and serving a 17 year sentence for firearm offences. 

Kul Mahay, now a global leadership and public speaking coach, had worked for 30 years in the police force and was one of the UK's most senior ranking Asian officers and a Gold Commander. 

After a unique journey of inner discovery, both men are now joined in brotherhood, aligned by the same goal, and without judgement, to affect great national and global change. Their aim, using their experience, strength and hope, is to improve hundreds of millions of people’s lives in difficult social areas by empowering them to understand that they do not have to be trapped by their past. It is a hopeful and potentially, life-transforming dialogue. 

Daphne Diluce, the partner of Stephen Gillen, introduces both and guides the Question and Answer session. 


Video Recording of the event:

Daphne Diluce: Two Extremes - Stephen Gillen and Kul Mahay - Introduction 

Stephen Gillen Global Entrepreneur, Transformation & Leadership, Two Extremes National Tour With UPF  

Kul Mahay: Two Extremes - Former Senior Ranking Asian Police Officer  

Stephen Gillen and Kul Mahay - Two Extremes: Questions and Answers  


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