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His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji receives an Ambassador for Peace award: 

On Saturday 16th April 2016, Indian Spiritual Leader His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji of Vrindavan, India, received the ‘Ambassador for Peace’ award from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) during his 9 day spiritual event in London. The presentation was witnessed by over 500 people inside the venue and millions watching LIVE on Asian TV Channel across UK, Europe, Canada, USA and India. Robin Marsh, Secretary General of the UPF (UK Chapter) presented His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji the award for his outstanding contribution for peace, harmony, protecting human rights, service to humanity and animal welfare.  His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji was recognised for his ideals of standing on the common ground of universal moral principles, promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace, together with promoting cooperation beyond boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, and nationality and living for the sake of others. Photo Link

At such a young age of 35 years old, His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji’s teachings are startlingly simple: ‘to live in adherence with Truth, Love and Compassion’. For over twenty years, he has been holding spiritual gatherings during which he reads the Hindu scriptures-the Bhagavad Gita & Ramayana and expounds upon its meanings, explaining its relevance for modern day life and solutions to various challenges in life. His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji attempts to guide people onto the path of righteousness. He shows people how to live their life through the rich values, ideals and principles of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which is a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the whole World is one family".


His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji is not only a great orator, he is also an outstanding and distinguished personality committed to serve humanity. Whenever, he gets a spare moment, he meets tribal boys and girls in forests and jungles and motivates them to follow the righteous path. He also visits prisons and speaks the prisoners on how to lead a crime - free life. In addition, during natural calamities and disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, cyclones, etc, his organisation’s volunteers and devotees help to provide food, water and shelter to the victims. Simultaneously, His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji organises special programmes and events to mobilise resources and rush aid to the victims of the disasters. In addition, he helps the disabled and poverty–stricken people of India and sends material and financial help to support them.


His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji is a well-rehearsed orator and has demonstrated his moral leadership and outstanding record of service to the global community by delivering large scale lectures/talks and events, which are attended by hundreds of people and watched by tens of thousands across the globe on the Asian Channel-Aastha TV, who tune in just to listen to his words of wisdom and knowledge.


One summer’s day, His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji was walking around Goverdhan in India, when he saw several cows scanning heaps of garbage to find remnants of food. The heaps of garbage also contained polythene bags and leather waste, which the cows were unconsciously eating. This pathetic scenario touched the heart of His Holiness Sanjeev Krishna Thakurji and he felt so pained and hurt that he vowed that from that day onwards he would work towards building a large Cow Shelter for abandoned, sick, elderly, ailing and non-milk giving cows in order to give them a home with love where they can live in peace, abundance of food, water and medical treatment. His vow resulted in the establishment of a huge Cow Shelter called ‘Samarpan Gaushala’ at Mathura, India. Today Samarpan Gaushala provides a home for over 700 old, sick, abandoned and non-lactic cows are looked after with love, respect and devotion. Five big sheds for stay and feeding of cows have been erected on this 5-acre of land, two large sheds for storage of fodder and a hospital has also been established. A Veterinary Ambulance has also been acquired and sick cows are being treated freely.  

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