Universal Peace Federation Europe and Middle East Chair, Dr Katsumi Otsuka, Visits Lancaster Gate HQ

On Friday 17th June, 2022, Dr Otsuka visited the UPF UK HQ, 43 Lancaster Gate to greet UK Ambassadors for Peace. There were a few meetings and discussions over the afternoon with Humphrey Hawksley, Keith Best, Keith Bennett and Emeritus Professor Roger Vickerman. 

Dr. Otsuka shared recent UPF updates and particularly about a significant conference in Kosovo he had attended. See video of his speech hereDr Otsuka Speaking in Lancaster Gate June 17th 450

Ian Pelham Turner shared his own desire to promote Albania and Kosovo because of the values and traditions that he had experienced. He wanted to correct the biased view he has seen in the regular coverage of these nations in the mainstream media. He saw the traditions of respect for all religions and hospitality for visitors and refugees as a great cultural norm to be appreciated. 

Dr Michael Balcomb promoted the Berlin Peace Road event to be held July 26-28. 

Dr Mekki Elsayed spoke of his humanitarian relief to Ukraine. He was working with the Red Cross in order to transport relief to the borders of Ukraine. 

Dr Abdul Basit Syed outlined an international programme that he is organising for mid - September as Chairman of IAED-UK (International Association for Economic Development for Peace - UK)  as well as the Founder of World Humanitarian Drive. Focussing on Trade for Peace as one of its themes it will emphasise the importance of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. See video of his speech here 

Auruangzeb Akbar and took photos at the event and shared them on the United States Press Agency website. The videos of some speeches during the programme are being uploaded.   

Photographer: Lithin Krish (London)