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UK and Pakistan - Positive Role of Religion in Providing Beneficial Leadership for Society 17th October 2020

This conference, held jointly between the UK and Pakistan, aimed to consider the role of religion in society and the positive effect it could, or indeed was, performing. 

Speakers Include:

Ms Rubab Mehdi Rizvi: Chair of International Imam Hussain Council based both in UK and Pakistan, Chairperson International Human Rights Association

Father James Channan OP: Dominican Order, Roman Catholic, Pakistan

Dr Amineh Hoti Executive Director, Centre for Dialogue and Action, Cambridge University

Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke: Co-Founder of the Three Faiths Forum

Dr. Mufti Akeel Pirzada, Chairman, International Centre for Peace and Harmony, Pakistan

Mr Umberto Angelucci: Chair of Middle East UPF

Hon. Mohtarma Jahanara M. Wattoo: Politician and Human Rights Advocate, former Ambassador for Orphan Children Government of Pakistan

Hon. Faisal Karim Kundi: Former Deputy Speaker, National Assembly of Pakistan, Provincial General Secretary PPP KPK

Hon. Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani PTI Pakistan Hindu Council Member of National Assembly

Questions and Answers: Mrs Marilyn Angelucci - Chair of Middle East UPF

David Fraser Harris: Secretary General UPF Middle East. Closing Remarks


The UK and Pakistan have different religious contexts and relationships between faith and politics. Of course, faith has policy implications. From the environment to migration policies religious perspectives have a positive message. Faith seeks to stimulate the conscience of believers to be unselfish, to follow the golden rule, and live in service to both the wider society and the wider world. It establishes an intrinsic moral guide for its followers that can inform decisions throughout their lives. We are seeking to compare to what extent religions in both nations are influential in providing beneficial leadership to the nation and to inspire a wise perspective in policy decisions. 


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