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UPFInter-regional Dialogue Addressing Critical Challenges: Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, North Africa

 The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) has a worldwide reach. From 7 to 9 September 2016, representatives of three regions—Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa—will gather in London to develop the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). Featuring 30 parliamentarians among 140 participants coming to London from over 40 nations, the conference will enable a genuine dialogue from nations rich and poor, from Christian, Muslim and Jewish as well as many other cultural and religious perspectives. This follows the pattern of inter-regional conferences held this year in Nepal, Burkina Faso and South Korea.  

For further updates please see, and twitter @ukUPF  #ilc_london

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In sessions in the UK Parliament hosted by Rt. Hon. Tom Brake MP and Mr. Virendra SharmaIAPP European Launch April 13, 2016 MP, UK-UPF's Patron, the vision of an International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace will be outlined and offered for support by UPF’s global leadership. A number of issues of concern will be considered by the parliamentarians and others during the conference:  






·         International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

·         Peace and Migration: Cross-Regional Perspectives

·         Mitigation of Peace and Security Challenges through Trade and Economic Integration  

·         Overcoming Extremism and Promoting the Peaceful Resolution of Conflict: The Contribution of Religious Leadership

·         Family, Peace and Sustainable Development

·         Media and Peacebuilding: The Impact of Social Media

·         Women’s Leadership in the Prevention of Radicalization

·         Resolving and Preventing Conflict: Reconciling Secular and Religious Perspectives    


The conference also will include an explanation of UPF’s perspective of humanity as one Dr Thomas Walsh International UPF President family united in relationship with a loving God. The responsibility of family members to each other calls especially for those in wealthier nations to show greater concern and involvement in the process of equalisation of opportunity and human development of all peoples of the world. Such involvement will bring great benefits for both developed and developing nations. The Vision for Peacebuilding in the Global Era and the goal of anInternational Peace Highway expressed in the “Peace Road 2016” initiative will consider how the Universal Peace Federation, its partners and its global network of Ambassadors for Peace can cooperate together to fulfil the inaugural aspirations and ideals of UPF’s Co-Founders, the late Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his widow, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to build a world of lasting peace.

For further updates please see,, and twitter @ukUPF  #ilc_london


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