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Youth UPF

Youth UPF encourages, sponsors and organises many types of events as well as focussing on leadership training for global citizenship.

Professor Akiko YamanakaThe 'Evening With' Professor Akiko Yamanaka was held on Tuesday 23rd October at SOAS, University of London. Professor Yamanka is a visiting professor at Cambridge University. Whilst being an accomplished academic, Professor Yamanaka was able to become a high ranking official in the Liberal Democrat Party of Japan. She rose to be the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs in Japan (2005-2006), and is currently a Professional By-Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University and Visiting Professor at the Science Academy of Chiba University of Commerce. She is Member of the Advisory Group on International Peace Cooperation for Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Advisor for Research of the Japan Institute for International Policy Studies and Board Member of the Global Partner Forum 2010. Professor Yamanaka has held numerous academic positions throughout Japan including at the United Nations University and Hokkaido University, in addition to international postings in Germany, Sweden, Russia, the United States and the United Kingdom. She has had a long-term presence in the National Diet of Japan as Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, specialising in diplomacy, security issues, peace building and crisis management. She holds the OISCA Award in recognition of her contributions to Asia and has also been awarded the International Soroptimist Japan’s “Sen Kyoko Prize” for her contributions to international understanding.

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Youth Department

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Youth UPF-UK in parternership with South London UPF & IRFF


In order to mark the World Human Rights Day, former North Koreans that fled from North Korea; now refugees living in countries around the world want to announce a  launch of more than 170 species of writings and published books to exhibit the harsh realities of the North Korean Human Rights.

It has been carried out every year since 2007 in South Korea. This however is the first time they launch an event of the kind overseas. This event is the first exhibition to be held in a foreign country, as well as in the first in London Book Fair, the first in international book fair, and the sixth time in its entirety since 2007. On this occasion as well, a defector North Korea Human Rights Film Movie will be shown and there will be time for the defectors' to give testimonies and to take questions you might have for them.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Launch of a Youth Interfaith Council

 28th November, 2012

 Room 4, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW

 Hosted by Lord King of West Bromwich, patron of UPF


On the 28th of November, 2012, in the House of Lords, we had a splendid event, the very first Youth Committee to launch a Youth Interfaith Council in the House of Lords, we were graced by the presence of two members of House of Lords. The event started with Christa Kamga, introducing Matthew Huish who was had the idea/ project manager of this council. Matthew presented a most wonderful and inspiring vision of the Interfaith Council, which personally touched my heart and impressed me. Matthew spoke for approximately 15 mins and it was very well welcomed.

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Sheridan Mangal - Founder of SFM FoundationSheridan Mangal was interviewed during a Youth UPF-WFWP evening about his youth and community work after achieving success in a financial market career. Sheridan Mangal who received racist taunts as a 16 year old on the stock market trading floor, spoke about how he found value in his work despite the racism and snobishness in the 1980's. (  He funds the SFM Foundation himself to mentor and advise young people how to develop their talent in business. He says a person should, 'Learn, Earn and Return' in their lives. He is now returning his wisdom to others. Sheridan Mangal and SFM Foundation. 'Our courses get young people to think for themselves. They get a lot of self esteem from that.

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