Youth UPF encourages, sponsors and organises many types of events as well as focussing on leadership training for global citizenship.

Youth UPF Training Day Panel Youth Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK held a Training Day seminar on Saturday June 22nd in the UPF London HQ to inspire everyone present to want to contribute to society and to grow their sense of responsibility in creating a better world while furnishing participants with some practical skills and knowledge in order to do so. In the middle of the day a panel (photo) featuring Hashi Mohamed, Zoe Jackson and Samir Sawhney inspired all present by their accounts of mentoring and inspiring others to excel by exhibiting the abilities and character promotedby the seminar.

Youth Interfaith Council meeting

"It's true Jesus didn't use twitter but that doesn't mean we shouldn't", said Daniella Duvall, the Christian youth contributor to the Youth Interfaith Council that met last night to consider the 'Impact of Social Media on Faith Communities'. The event was hosted by Universal Peace Federation (UPF) -UK's Patron, Mr Virendra Sharma MP. He praised UPF for its work for community cohesion. He was especially pleased to see young people taking the stage for this event. There were prepared speeches from Christian, Muslim and Unificationist perspectives followed by a good discussion. A presentation by Ilaria Esposito who is on the Advisory Council for Youth on the Council of Europe, focussed on the 'No Hate-Speech Online Movement'.

Keith Best InterviewAs a part of the 'Doing Well and Doing Good' project, Youth UPF hosted 'An Evening With Keith Best, CEO of Freedom from Torture' on Tuesday 29th January 2013. The event was attended by approximately 40 young people in a House of Commons committee room and was chaired by Baroness Howells. Through the event, we explored Keith Best’s motivation behind his work at Freedom from Torture, before going through practical tips he had for young people to positively contribute to society.

Baroness ScotlandAs a part of the doing well and doing good project, Youth UPF hosted An Evening with former Attorney General, the Rt. Hon. Baroness Scotland QC. Baroness Scotland has led an illustrious career in which she became a barrister in 1977 before going on to become the first black-female member of the Queen’s Privy Counsel in 1991. She was given a life-time peerage from Tony Blair in 1997 before becoming the first black female government minister in 1999. In government she went on to hold the prestigious post of Attorney General in 2007, becoming the first woman in history to do so.

Photo after Youth Session -> Youth Interfaith Council ( Study and learn from your traditions together and make statements on national topic that affect young people.). ->An Evening With... (Invites successful people that will inspire youth with motivation, way to overcome obstacles, what drove them & how they could get to where they are).


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