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General Events

Keith Bennett Video MessageFather Moon was a truly unique figure, who has left his mark on the world, on history and on the future, through his more than nine decades of service and sacrifice, based on living for the sake of others as a peace-loving global citizen. Father Moon's work and example touched all continents and countries and there are so many people better qualified than myself to reflect on different aspects of his unique contribution. However, Father Moon's teachings of peace, reconciliation and love are nowhere more relevant and needed than in his own beloved home country of Korea.

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Rev Dr Sun Myung Moon

Unificationists and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Ambassadors for Peace alike shared how they had been touched by the life of Father Moon in a Memorial Service in a London venue where he had spoken more than 35 years before. In a Sunday afternoon Memorial Service 600 people gathered to celebrate the life of Father Moon.

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World Peace Centre Pyongyang

KCNA Video of Memorial Altar visited by important guests who bring a wreath from DPRK leader Kim Jong Un and they present a Korean Reunification Award to Father Moon for his many efforts for the unification of North and South Korea. KCNA video of the award ceremony.

International Chairman of the Universal Peace Federation, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and Pyeonghwa Motors President Sang Kwon Park have traveled to North Korea this morning, September 7th. Both entered North Korea through Dorasan Inter-Korean Transit Office in the city of Paju in Gyeonggi-do at 8:25 am. The purpose of visiting North Korea is to receive condolences from relatives of Rev. Moon and the leadership of North Korea.

Jung Un Kim, First Chairman of the National Defense Commission of North Korea, sent a letter of condolence to the family of Rev. Moon on September 5th. Will North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visit the memorial altar of Rev. Sun Myung Moon at the World Peace Center in Pyongyang to show his respect to Rev. Moon and his family? Now, many citizens of Pyongyang, including the North Korea leaders, are offering their sympathies to and burning incense for Rev. Moon at the memorial altar.

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Rev. Moon, Sun Myung, Pres. Kim, Il Sung and Mrs. Moon-Hak, Ja HanNorth May Reciprocate for delegations for Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

SEOUL, SEPTEMBER 6, 2012: Interest is focused on whether the Kim Jong Un government in North Korea will send a representative to offer condolences for the death of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon in South Korea despite icy relations between the two nations.

Rev. Moon’s interest in reconciliation between North and South and Korean unification derives from his conviction that world peace cannot come before the sharp confrontation between democracy and communism is resolved on the Korean peninsula.

Following the death of Kim Jong Il in December 2011, Rev. Sun Myung Moon dispatched Unification Church International Chairman Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, Washington Times Chairman Douglas D.M. Joo and Peace Motors Co. President Sang Kwon Park to North Korea to offer condolences and meet Kim Jong Un.

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Rev Dr Sun Myung MoonThe Founder of Universal Peace Federation and many other organisations has died (Unificationists use the term 'ascended') in South Korea. He led an inspirational life of huge accomplishments. Please see the Washington Times article below.

The Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, the leader of the Unification Church and founder of The Washington Times, died early Monday morning in South Korea. He was 92. He passed away just before 2 a.m. local time (12:54 p.m. EDT Sunday) from complications of pneumonia, surrounded by family, friends and followers, according to Unification Church leaders.

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Baroness Verma IWD 2012On March 12th Baroness Sandip Verma hosted, in Committee Room 4 of the House of Lords, the 2012 celebration of UN International Women's Day organised by UPF UK and its partners, Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and the Association for the Development of Mongolian Women in Europe (ADMWE). The spokesperson for the Cabinet Office on Education, Equalities and Women's Issues opened the event stating, that progress had been made in terms of the standing of women in society, but “we are still away from a world in which women can live free from fear”. She continued to highlight women's central role as agents of economic change and development. Baroness Verma ended on the note, that women's empowerment shouldn't be about hating men. “The greatest things I could achieve was due to the help of men. Men need to be part of the solution.”

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