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Upcoming Events

Jul 13: Introduction to UPF
Aug 10: Introduction to UPF

Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation

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General Events

Upcoming Universal Peace Federation - UK and Partners' Events:


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Youth UPFUniversal Peace Federation-UK held its Annual Peace Council to review the year and plan its 2014 activities on Saturday 7th December in the Lancaster Gate, UK Headquarters. The day included sessions on values, peace initiatives, humanitarian efforts and a Youth UPF concert to raise funds for a peace project in Jerusalem. (Youth UPF Team in photo left)

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Lord Ahmed Presents Gifts to Japanese DelegationDr. and Mrs. Yong Cheon Song visited the UK with a delegation of Japanese members who had supported European activities. They were welcomed by Lord Nazir Ahmed to the House of Lords. Lord Ahmed had launched the Universal Peace Federation in the House of Lords in 2006 and has attended a number of international conferences in the Middle East and the Republic of Korea. 

The delegation had a celebratory dinner in Lancaster Gate in the evening before returning to Japan the next day.

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Tim Miller Presentation

Father Moon was a man of endless compassion, courage and love. He was a man with a vision, ‘to liberate humanity through the liberation of God’. From a very young age he devoted his life to not only vocalizing this message but also acting on it. It is easy for us to simply say what we believe in peace, unconditional love or human rights, but to go out into the world and endure hardship and barriers both social and political is something to be commended. Father Moon travelled the world visiting one hundred countries in one hundred days without taking a break. In each country he left an imprint of his message by changing someone’s life be it supporting the Jerusalem Declaration or clearing blood between old enemies.

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Living for the Sake of Others - Perspectives on the Meeting:

Shabnam Khan:

Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali welcomed UPF's Ambassadors of Peace, friends and newer members of the Youth UPF on Tuesday 30th July at Lancaster Gate. The event was enjoyed by all as they were reminded of UPF's core values of being One Family under God, and how it is natural for all to be Living for the Sake of Others.

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