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Ambassador for Peace News

Albanians as Peacemakers

Distinguished former Presidents, Distinguished Guests, Ambassadors for Peace, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends!

Through this European Leadership Conference, God and Humanity are calling on Albanians to consider how they can take greater responsibility to realize lasting peace in the Balkans.

They will surely need to draw upon all that is righteous in their history and culture, and to add the capacity to go beyond concern for their own families and nation to a wider regional and global concern and a willingness to sacrifice for surrounding nations and make peace with their enemies.

When visiting Albania several years ago I was moved when hearing Albanian Ambassadors for Peace speak of the very painful period in recent history when refugees from Kosovo poured over your mountainous borders. I also learnt about ‘Besa’, the Albanian traditional morality which requires you to maintain your honour by offering sanctuary to the stranger at your door. This good heart and righteous tradition called Albanian families to share their homes and food with their traumatized brothers and sisters from Kosovo.

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2011 UPF Overview

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Lawrence Al-Atroshi AFP AwardLawrence Al-Atroshi has been actively involved with UNICEF, Christian Aid, Islamic Relief and the Bazrazni foundation in Kurdistan, North of Iraq. He is also involved with the Kurdish Government by trying to support the current health system by offering his skills and experience, targeting the poor. He has been working in the medical sector both in the UK and in Kurdistan to care for humanity.

His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar SwamijiHis Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji, one of India’s most leading and respected Spiritual Leaders, was presented with the highly acclaimed “Ambassador of Peace Award” by the Universal Peace Federation, which is presented to individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others, and who dedicate themselves to practices which promote universal moral values, strong family life, interreligious cooperation, international harmony, renewal of the United Nations and the establishment of a culture of peace. His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji (Gurudev as he is affectionately known by his followers) is currently on a visit to the UK during the UK's Interfaith Week. (Website

His Holiness Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swamiji was born on 22nd of January 1954 in Karanpur, Rajasthan, India. He has dedicated his whole life to freeing the world of all suffering and misery and his vision for society is continually being delivered by his Trust – “Bhagwan Shree Lakshmi Narayan Dham”, one of the world's largest spiritual organisations. His efforts in improving human welfare for people of all faiths and religions have inspired millions.

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Cllr Manji KaraCllr. Manji Kara - Presented with the Ambassador for Peace award on the 21st July 2011

I come from a religious and a sound family background. I am married with two grown up successful sons. The joint Hindu family concept and multi faith community in India and Kenya, where as I was brought up, instilled strong community sense and duty. I may be one of the few Hindus who could claim to be educated in Muslim Schools staffed by mainly Christian teachers.  Being brought up in an environment where different communities and cultures coexist in peace and harmony is a great beginning to the journey of life.

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Adolphe Succar AFP AwardMr Adolphe Succar has been involved in public life in Lebanon for many years.


An Ambassador for Peace

Eighteen years ago I had a life changing vision. Through this vision I saw a violent world being turned into a peaceful one, by the spread of inspirational peace messages. The simplicity of the vision made it all the more powerful, as it left the problems of politics behind and concentrated on the underlying wish of the majority of the people. I was receiving messages that seemed too profound to waste, and seemed to have a destiny attached to them, one that would transform my life and hopefully many others. In this document I set out my thoughts and aspirations for a better world using a selection of these messages.

My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

'This is no dream'

©  William Royce 

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