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An interfaith meeting held at the Pillowshield Community Centre in Glasgow on 22nd May sought to explore the vexing question as to whether Satan actually exists.

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Jewish Muslim Friendship Evening Panel

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Sunday 21st October 2007 - Iraqi refugees sat together with Israeli ex-pats. Iranian grandparents were alongside Palestinians and Israelis as everybody listened appreciatively to ‘Shir la Shalom’ being sung by the Topaz Jewish Choir. A poetry recital given by Fathieh Saudi and Kerry Fleur-Schleiter followed, as did the Muslim call to prayer. Musicians, peace activists and dignitaries of differing faith groups were mixed together for an evening that had been inspired by an Israeli living in London, Yael Lindenboim, and hosted by the Universal Peace Federation at its premises in Lancaster Gate. 

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Tel Aviv - June 2007 - Delegates from Europe and the United States attending a ‘Middle East Peace Initiative’ conference were today given briefings from a variety of experts who had all played significant public roles in key events in the history of the region.  
A professor of Political Sociology at Tel Aviv University, Yoram Peri, explained that there were three circles of a multi-faceted complexity facing the government and people of Israel. The inner circle being Israel- Palestine, the next one Israel's relations with the surrounding Arab states and finally the wider context, formerly of the Cold War but now replaced by the growth of religious fanaticism and its impact on international relations.

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June 26th 2007 - A group of some 25 participants of the current ‘Middle East Peace Initiative’ event being held in Jerusalem were today invited to a meeting at the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament.

A National Union Party spokesman, Aryeh Eldad, was the first of three Israeli parliamentarians to address the delegation. He presented his viewpoint that as a ‘revisionist Zionist’ Jews have the right to live in any part of the land of Israel and on no account should relinquish any land west of the River Jordan.

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From the 22nd of June to the 1st of July, twenty four participants, ages ranging from 17 to 29, from eight nations engaged in different service activities in Israel and Palestine, (Beer Sheva, Bethany, Tel Aviv and Julis) as well as engaging in dialogue with local university students. Several local participants joined for short periods of time.

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30 people participated in the first Family conference in Scotland as part of the Global Peace Festival build up. Entitled "What role does the family play in today's world", and held in Edinburgh, there were four key speakers representing the Unificationist, Christian and Moslem faiths.

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