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Annette Allen Receives AFP award

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The third in a series of Forgiveness and Reconciliation Conferences, chaired by Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke,  considering not so much the theological statements about forgiveness but the personal experiences of those who have strived to forgive or be forgiven based on belief in those statements. The testimonies were from a series of people who shared about their struggles within wider community or national level conflicts, and those who had suffered personally in individual relationship problems. (Event photo link)

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Joint Statement:

We the participants, Muslims, Christians and Jews, from different denominations, meet today in London, to express our solidarity with and support for our brothers and sisters of the Iraqi Christian community who have been subjected to terrorist attacks, in particular the congregation of ‘Our Lady of Salvation’ in Baghdad. We emphasise the shared cultural heritage of Muslims and Christians in Iraq, as well as other faiths and denominations, as they have lived together peacefully for generations not only in Iraq but also in other Arab countries and elsewhere. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Iraqi Christians to confront the terror and fear that this important part of Iraqi society now faces, emphasising that these terrorist attacks will not succeed in dividing us and destroying the great values that we share and out long history of peaceful coexistence.

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Dr Bo Hi Pak with Lord King

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Building a Culture of Peace - The Role of the Little Angels

House of Commons, Sept 30th 2010

Dr Bo Hi Pak explained the history and purpose of the Little Angels during a session in the House of Commons to coincide with their visit to the UK. After showing a video of the Little Angels Tour to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, Dr Pak shared his gratitude to the UN forces who came to South Korea's aid during the conflict.  The Little Angels have performed in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, in order to build relationships between the two nations who have never signed a peace treaty. (Photo Link here)   Video link of Dr Pak's speech:

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Little Angels Drum Dance

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The Little Angels, the Korean Children’s Folk Ballet troupe, came to London on October 2nd 2010 to bring thanks to those British veterans of the Korean War on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of that conflict. It was a poignant occasion of exquisite art and tearful remembrance.

Attended by many Ambassadors for Peace, diplomats, political and religious figures, Sadler’s Wells was full with many newcomers to Korean culture in both a matinee and an evening performance. The audience was captivated by the grace and dignity of the young performers of Korea’s foremost art and culture school. Photo link here. Video Link.

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Dr David Hoile speaking

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Youth and Development

Written by Emanuele Militello

The United Nations ‘International Day of Peace’ was celebrated at the UPF UK Headquarters in Lancaster Gate on 23rd September. The event happens to coincide with UN Summit for The Millennium Development Goals with guest speakers’ theming their talks on Youth, Peace and Development. We had the pleasure of having Dr David Hoile an expert in Sudan and Darfur, Keldon Alleyne from Lewisham Youth Aid and Seja Majeed from vinspired, the youth volunteering organisation, speaking at the event.

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International Day of Peace

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The Universal Peace Federation fully affirms and supports the United Nations' annual International Day of Peace. In 2010, UPF chapters around the world will join with UN agencies and with other NGOs in observations and celebrations of this day. In both 2008 and 2009, UPF hosted and participated in more than 40 such programs, and this year is expected to be equally active.

At the same time, UPF is concerned that the themes of past Days of Peace have on occasion focused narrowly on the externals of weapons reduction and nuclear disarmament. Important though these goals are, there is a danger of missing a more important truth, eloquently stated in the UNESCO Constitution written just after World War II in 1945:

“Since wars begin in the minds of man, it is in the minds of man that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

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