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May 11: Introduction to UPF
May 20: Africa Day 2017
Jun 6: UN Environment Day
Jun 8: Introduction to UPF

Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation

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UPF Leadership Training

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Youth UPF held a leadership training seminar for 20 people in Universal Peace Federation - UK HQ in London on Friday 27th June. It featured presentations by Mark De Stadler from the Dale Carnegie Training on Human Communication and Group Dynamics and Dr David Hannah who provided many insights into 'Good Governance'.

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News August

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Henri Pierre Koubaka

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Monthly Ambassador for Peace meeting to consider Sustainable Development Goals. More Photos

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A 30-strong audience commemorated the UN International Day of Peace at a screening of the documentary film “Within the Eye of the Storm”, held at the Peace Embassy in Thornton Heath on 27 September. This exceptional film follows the parallel stories of Palestinian and Israeli fathers who both suffered the pain of bereavement when their daughters were killed in the conflict but who chose to set out on a journey together to humanize the enemy in order to prevent the vicious cycle of retaliation in themselves and their societies. The audience were visibly moved by the tremendous courage of these two men, who overcame the instinct for vengeance and instead sought understanding, reconciliation and justice with accountability. The film was introduced by Margaret Ali (Director of UPF-UK), who is a personal friend of the film director, Shelley Hermon. A sum of £140 was raised through donations collected at the event, and these funds will be used to promote the film in schools in Israel and Palestine.

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The Seeds of Hope documentary was a painful account of human rights crimes by the victims of rape in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rebecca Masika Katsuva began the Masika Centre which is a place of healing and hope for those victims. Masika, who herself is a rape survivor, supports 80 children and many women to make a new start and guides the women to support their families through agriculture. It is by her efforts that many women have found a way to havelife after rape, abandonment by their family and sometimes bringing up the children of those rapes.

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David Fraser-Harris

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Universal Peace Federation (UPF)

43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA

UPF Approaches to Peacemaking

David Fraser-Harris: UPF Middle East Secretary General


Monthly Ambassador for Peace Get Together in Lancaster Gate

6.00 pm Refreshmentsat Cafe for 6.30 pm start in Kent Room

7.00 pm presentation followed by discussion  

Tuesday 24th February

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