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The Earle Family

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The United Nations International Day of the Family was commemorated by Universal Peace Federation UK in 43 Lancaster Gate by highlighting exemplary families and role models. There were many inspiring stories and best practice advice given by the families. 

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Women of Excellence

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In a joint ceremony between the All Ladies League London and the Universal Peace Federation UK, the Women of Excellence Awards featured both moving testimonies and highly accomplished ladies.  

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YAA 2017

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The Young Achievers Award 2017: Celebrating Future Leaders ceremony was an outstanding occasion to hear a wide range of inspiring testimonies from young adults from overcoming being a refugee to caring for disabled or homeless. Hosted by Rt Hon Tom Brake MP, a number of parliamentarians warmly congratulated their constituents while presenting their awards. 

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Prevention of Radicalisation

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'Prevention of Radicalisation' has been a recurrent theme of Universal Peace Federation UK programmes in recent years. During this event, kindly hosted by Baroness Verma in the House of Lords, Dr Emmanuel Dupuy offered a french perspective and included some of the recommendations of the French Senate Delegation report on 'The Local Authorities and the Prevention of Radicalisation' (published April 11, 2017). Humphrey Hawksley, Keith Best, Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy and Dr Afzal Ashraf raised a range of perspectives and provoked contributions from the audience. (Video Playlist )

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Nathanial Peat

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World Environment Day 2017, organised by Universal Peace Federation UK, featured speakers on different topics from renewable energy and GM foods to 'connecting with nature'. There some interesting questions and comments from the audience some of whom were also very knowledgeable. The theme of the meeting 'connecting with nature' was raised by speakers and the audience who shared their own profound experiences.

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The Universal Peace Federation - UK is very saddened to hear of the tragic events of London Bridge and Borough Market. Our thoughts and prayers must be with the families and friends of those who have lost their lives or were injured last night and in other recent incidents. It is even more sad that these indiscriminate killings were in the name of ‘Allah’. Islam is a peaceful religion but a tiny number have chosen to use terrorist violence as a misguided expression of their faith.  We must maintain the unity of the communities within the UK because within the common values that all faiths hold, as well as those who profess no faith, is the inherent strength of the United Kingdom.