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Upcoming Events

Jul 13: Introduction to UPF
Aug 10: Introduction to UPF

Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation

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Autumn UPF Weekend Seminar

Cleeve House There is a gathering of participants from Birmingham, London and Yorkshire to spend a weekend examining principles that contribute to peace in the beautiful surroundings of Cleeve House in Wiltshire. Representatives of the Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace are taking a weekend to understand the origins of these organisations and the initiatives that has underpinned their development. 

Tim Miller lecturing




UPF organises these weekends once every three months with Ambassadors for Peace. The weekends allow the study and discussion of peace making principles. These can be seen on

The weekends examine the five points that underpin Universal Peace Federation activities. The weekend seminar also considers the life of the co-founders of Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace.  

Videos of the weekend's presentations will be uploaded soon. Tim Miller's presentations Universal Values as a Foundation for World Peace  and its Part Two  

Peace in the Family and Society

Cause and Resolution of Conflicts  

Photos are available on Google Plus.  

The next weekend will be in January. The date to be confirmed.

UPF Basic Principles




Cleeve House AFPs Leaving After Weekend Seminar